Brute Rehearsal, Week 2



Hannah and Izzy are full-blown creatively in love.

It’s at that point now where they speak their own language… or everything they say is a play reference:

Izzy: ‘I would never throw a tampon at her head’ <3 -- this, in Brute Land is an expression of love.

Hannah’s changes to the Edinburgh version really brings the piece to life. Making Izzy shine and coaxing oh-so-many laughs.

This week we've been doing many runs. It's quite ridiculous that after two weeks with it they still leave us all falling about laughing.

The girls gonna smash it tomorrow.

Tuesday and Thursday are both sold out!

YES #BruteSoho!

Lost of excitement for Thursday’s Q&A with Hannah and Izzy too. Catch it if you can.

We caught Izzy on the Soho Radio for an hour promoting the show and chatting about her work and being part of Soho Rising.

Today we had our first time in the space with the full set. Jack (lighting wizard) and Paul (sound doctor) were in attendance and got to grips with the rig and acoustics. 

Tomorrows a 9am start for our tech run and then show. Woooooooo!

One last thing: break a leg Izzy!

Tickets on sale here:

Soho Theatre

15,17 & 19th March

17th March - Q&A with writer & performer Izzy Tennyson and director Hannah Hauer-King


Brute Rehearsal, Week 1


What do you call a troll with backne?


First week of Brute rehearsals, and things are looking fab!

Izzy, our wonderful writer, actor extraordinaire, has swung into being 14, awkward, confused and lonely suspiciously well…

Dyspraxia reigned as Hannah dropped chairs and Izzy spilt water all over her crotch (repeatedly.)

Happily, this made for fun times under the hand dryer with open legs.

Damsel Productions have welcomed Avigail Tlalim on board as assistant director to help Hannah with all things Brutal. Assets: phenomenal hugs (!)

Rehearsals for Brute are a very intimate affair. Only Izzy, Hannah and Avigail are in the room. But time is made for sharing stories of failed romances, drunken mistakes and teenage angst. We’ve all been there - body shapes changing, hair in new places, always trying to be ‘cool’. Cue cigarettes, WKD, and the same clothes as all your friends.

Quote of the week: "sometimes I get angry with Poppy." - it’s a funny time to remember but it’s also sad. What would you say to 14 year old you if you could?

Zoe (Marketing) and Anna (Design Guru) came in for a run-through on Thursday. Izzy revealed the wealth of facial expressions at her disposal and the growth of Poppy’s world. The Damsel audience was particularly taken with little, chubby, invisible Emily and her ratty voice. Poor Emily. Bullying is not nice.  

With the invited audience, Izzy’s performance was electric, we laughed (sometimes guiltily), we spluttered on our water, and we got some serious chills. Watch out, Brute is coming soon.


Next week Brute will be tackling how well Poppy knows her friends and the true dynamics of her ‘group’. Stay tuned!



Tickets on sale here:

Soho Theatre

15,17 & 19th March

17th March - Q&A with writer & performer Izzy Tennyson and director Hannah Hauer-King